Benefit of eating more protein?

Taking in more greens is supposed to make you fair and slim. Taking in more proteins is thought of as a way to make you “stronger”. It looks like everyone who wants to be seen as “working out” are doing this. Just taking proteins to bulk up on muscles might not be a prudent idea. Taking a lot of extra protein would not help in increasing your muscle mass miraculously either.

Too much can be not too good

“Too much of anything is good for nothing” is a popular proverb. This is true in the case of taking protein much more than is needed as well. There is a level of calories that must be taken per day for every nutrient. Same goes for proteins as well; the Dietary Reference Intake or DRI is calculated to be at 0.8 grams of protein for every kilogram of the weight of the body of a person. This equals to 0.36 grams for every pound for those who are not familiar with the metric system. These amounts vary according to gender as well. It is at 56 grammes per day for a man who is not active or “sitting down”. The same is only 46 grammes for one day for a woman who is not active. Taking more than this, actually intake of more than 30% of the total daily intake, can be harmful.

What are the effects of too much protein?

Taking in more proteins without working them out, or using and burning them, can be stressful on the biological system. Even though we do not think of the body in a mechanical aspect, it is working as a machine. Imagine you putting too much fuel to the car and not driving it anywhere. Not a comfortable thought, is it? A study issued in the American Geriatrics Society in 1992 displays that intake of more proteins and growing the total calories’ intake done at the same time maintaining a similar level of working out, will lead to building an equal quantity of muscle mass and fat in the body. This is just the tip of the iceberg; if you take more protein than necessary, it can lead to ketones being built which can be toxic; flushing them out from the body can make you dehydrate as well.

To prevent this…

Only some groups, such as older females and persons with certain diseases, are at the risk of getting identified as “protein-deficient”. This means one’s intake of protein is only 50-75% of the required amount. If need be, protein intake can be done via Muscle Peptides Australia. But, as researchers point out, it is mandatory that you talk to a doctor before you do. There is no point of taking too much protein if it doesn’t make you look good too right? So without just taking supplements because the other guy at the gym does so, talk to a licensed medical professional before you act.

Your body is not a ”given”. If it is too much of a process to stand up to you, the body will fight back. Make sure you are not losing that battle.

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