Why should you travel to Singapore?

Singapore is a Tourist’s Paradise.  It is a city-state which is a well renowned economic hub. The city due to its thriving economy is very well developed, with gorgeous modern infrastructure and a high quality for life for its citizens. Tourists can get an experience like no other in Singapore. Read more to know why you should go there.

The Food is delicious

Singapore is a multicultural city, therefore you can find all your international favorites, the local delights and the interesting fusion food here as well. Singapore’s cuisine is a celebration of its past where it served as a seaport. The population also largely comprises of immigrants therefore each culture contributes to the cuisine, making it a wonderful testament to its multiculturalism and peaceful co-existence of the different communities.  While there are many fine dining restaurants, most Singaporeans prefer to eat in Hawker Street or Centers where there are many hawker stores next to one another and you can choose whichever food you want to eat and have it in an open air food court. The food is very affordable and is of great quality so it’s not a surprise that If you want to eat brilliant popular Singaporean food you need to head to the hawker centers.

Transportation is affordable.


The transportation options in the city is very affordable. Public transportation is quite cheap and there is an extensive network present in the city connecting all parts of Singapore to one another. You have the Metro, which is fast and convenient. There is a great bus network. Furthermore taxis are affordable and used by many to get to and fro from places. If you would prefer to drive that is fine too. There are many services that provide cheap car rental in singapore so you can enjoy the city at your own time and pace. With vehicles ranging from cheap sedans to SUVS no matter what your budget you can find a vehicle for you.

It has a very low crime rate

Yes, you heard it right. The city-state has a very well established legal system and its regulations against criminal activity is very stringent therefore it is a virtually a crime free area. You can travel by yourself in the dead of the night and still be safe in Singapore. No one will bother you or try to hurt you. Furthermore as they handle crime with serious consequences in the city, a police report will never go ignored.

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