Recommended summer activities for your Kids

Every kid is looking forward to spending their summer vacation and doing something they really enjoy. Take this opportunity to bond with your children and so some interesting things together. Below are some activities  that you can do with the kids during summertime:


Explore new things together- If parents can take a few days off work or maybe just one weekend it would be nice to take the kids to a theme park, a zoo or a museum to explore new things together as a family.  Most kids are fond of doing interactive things and trying out something new that is worth sharing with their friends. Do not forget to take pictures that would also serve as your souvenirs.

Go outdoors- Let your kids and family explore nature by going hiking, biking, picnic or even camping. If you plan on going camping it would be recommended if you do it overnight and organize some group activities such as making a bonfire where all family members can gather and share stories while grilling marshmallows and hotdogs underneath the skies and the stars. Surely the kids will never forget that experience.

Go hit the water- Summer is the perfect opportunity to bring the kids to the beach or the pool. You can organize activities such as beach volleyball, riding a jet ski or even surfing. If your kids can’t swim this is also the perfect time to take some cheap swimming lessons Singapore for them to learn and at the same time enjoy spending more time in the water. Swimming lessons are even recommended to younger kids with ages three years and below.

There are also indoor pools with amazing features and state of the art facilities such as wave pools and giant slides in which the whole family can be assured of a great time.

Summer lessons- Talk to your kids and ask them if they want to learn something new that peaks their interest. If your kids are into music then they can probably sign up for music classes specializing on their favorite musical instrument.  If your kid is into arts then you can probably encourage him to take painting or drawing lessons. This is also a great opportunity for them to enhance whatever skills and talents they have and meet new friends with common interests.

Household chores- instead of letting your kid spend the majority of their time in front of the television or their smartphones why don’t you limit their gadget time and teach them basic household chores that will be surely put into use as they grow up to be mature and responsible individuals. Teaching them the basic stuff such as cleaning their room, washing the dishes, doing the laundry and cleaning the car, cooking and preparing simple meals may be pretty basic for some people but for sure your kids will thank you for this in the future. Make chores more fun and make it a family thing. You can reward them afterwards with small things such as ordering pizza or treating them ice cream.

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