The ultimate honeymoon destination

If you are thinking of a luxurious destination for your honeymoon, look no further Bali is the topper when it comes to this criteria. Why? Because it is everything that you are looking for in a honeymoon relaxing, beautiful, Exotic and adventurous. It is also affordable compared to Bora Bora or any other typical honeymoon destination.

When you have made the choice to go to Bali it becomes your own adventure there is something for everyone and every type of honeymoon couples. You can choose from beachfront villas to relaxing and calm ubud spa retreat  to suite your taste and plans. If you are looking to de-stress after the whole wedding-stress a retreat is what you need. You can spend your day in the retreat and spend the nights enjoying delicious dinner by the ocean.

If you are the adventurous ones, you can opt for hiking on the coasts and even diving on the well-known spots. You can spend your days sightseeing, going for a dip in the ocean or simply by having relaxing day at the hotel. Everyone lovesUbud it is just an hour away from the airport. It is the perfect picture of Bali it has beautiful waterfalls, luscious rainforestand zen calmness that’s what makes this place very unique. It is the perfect honeymoon location.

You can enjoy things from candlelight dinners to sunset cruises at Bali. You can choose a variety of deals from tours to dining choices to add to your honeymoon plan and spice things up. A sunset cruise with the beautiful start lit sky is absolutely romantic. You can enjoy an outbound trip if you and your partner are adventurous. During these moments you can have private photo sessions with professional photographers as a token of memory of your honeymoon.

It doesn’t have to always be about activities. You can strengthen, stretch and have some amazing relaxing times with your partner. You can practice yoga and get the much needed massages specially designed for both of you. This will help you build your flexibility and your strength. Along with this you will have absolute relaxation and also enjoy the quality time with your partner.You can then spend the nights out exploring the culture at Bali. You can browse through workshops and galleries. You can see the Balinese dance performance and Bali is well-known for its dances.

These are some of the activities that you can include on your honeymoon to Bali. And make sure that you have the best experience and a cherished memory of your Honeymoon.



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