All that a foodie traveler needs to know

So are you a traveler that is in to food or are you someone who is interested in going down this lane? Well whatever the case might be, there are certain tips and tricks that you need to keep in mind to make the best use out of whatever you have got. And here are some of them.

Break the rules

We all know those little things that we were taught when we a kids, not to eat junk food, not eat off the carts, don’t eat without peeling, don’t eat raw and whatnot, well, while your doctor too would agree to do these, remember that these rules are meant to be broken. If you stay true to these rules, you would never be able to get the full hand experience of the trip, however skipping and dismissing a few is surely not going to hurt. But do try to be safe and not stupid!

Don’t be limited to fancy

You might think that only the best and fanciest places have the best food that could give you the authentic local cuisine you are looking for, but that is untrue. While you can get what you want at such restaurants, street foods are way better! They are sure to give you the right feels of each and every unique delicacy of the country! So it’s all about you finding the right places.

 Go all out

This might sound contradicting with the previous fact, but when you are dining in a new country looking for places to experience the one of a kind food flavors, it is perfectly alright to go all out and spend a few thousands of dollars on one meal. So look up for the best restaurants or hotels in that country that have made the world’s best, and spend it all! Of course you might have to save a few dollars too to return but spending a bit more than usual wouldn’t hurt. It might sound absurd to those that don’t really understand but if you would spend your hard earned savings to buy a concert ticket to watch a singer perform, or spend all that savings on limited edition Gucci boots then you know where this is coming from!

You could get sick

While this journey is surely going to be fun in every way, testing and trying out different things, you have got to accept that there is a chance where you could get sick or suffer from food poisoning. So do prepare yourself for it and learn to move on! Don’t let it hold you back from the many other food adventures to come!

Use the above tips in your food travel adventure and make sure that you make the best out of your trip!


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