The best countries in the world a foodie should visit

Food and travelling go together like pizza and cheese! You could obviously have a pizza with no cheese but it wouldn’t taste as good as it would with cheese! So if you are travelling trying the local delicacies is a must in order to get the whole experience of that country! If you are a foodie who also loves travelling, here are some countries you should certainly pay a visit to.


We all know that Thailand is famous for its wonderful spas and natural settings, but it is also an expert at delicious local cuisines. The country in general is a well-known tourist attraction so it no wonder that even their food gains much attention. The best foods of Thailand are generally prepared using fresh seafood, coconut milk and of course rice! So if you are planning on visit here, make sure that you also visit the busy market streets, because it is where you get the whole experience of authentic Thai street food!

Taco Mexico

Who doesn’t love a good spicy Taco or a chicken and mayo filled Burrito?! That’s right. NO ONE! So if you are in to spicy foods and a Taco lover, then Mexico is the ideal country you have got to make plans to visit! The city is also known for its very dynamic range of flavors for its foods (more towards the spicy side though). Not only that you also get to be a part the amazing hip and happening culture of Mexico as well! So it’s all in one experience any tourist would wish for!


This is also another country that is very much hip and happening. They also have a range of foods that are very authentic and very real and sure to tickle any tourist’s spicy buds! If you manage to choose the right seasons to visit, you might even get to experience the amazing festivals they host too!


Asian food in general have a lot of unique flavoring and tastes that makes it stand out from any other. And so, it is no wonder that even Chinese food is considered as a delicacy that ought to be experienced straight from its origin! And whether it is street food, five star hotel delicacies or even takeaway, it is sure to not disappoint. Don’t miss their tea too, as it has also gained very much attention from many other countries and places way further away from China!

Visit the other countries across the globe too, to enjoy many other local delicacies and don’t forget to document each and every one of them for later!


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